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CN Food Bracket 1st Round Matchup: De'Leon's vs. 9 South Chargrill

Time to vote

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Where shall we eat?
Where shall we eat?
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It's the 4/13 seed matchup in the Lincoln region.

You'll have 24 hours to vote the winner in this heads-up battle.


Their Yelp rating is 3 stars out of 5.

A Yelp review:

This place always looks like it is going to burst into flame at any moment!!! However they have some of the best, most authentic food I have had!! It is served with a whole lot of the L word and I'm  not  talking love I'm talking lard!

The burritos are second to none and you get a TON of food!!! Rice is ok. Refried beans are authentic and really good!! Rolled tacos with guacamole is great! Fish tacos are great and super authentic served with cabbage and lime!!!

This is the place to go for authentic food! You just have to ignore the decor (fire hazard) and the wonky drive thru.

Some of the best places are the ones that you have to close your eyes to look past the bad exterior to get to the amazing food!


Their Yelp rating is 4 stars out of 5.

A Yelp review:

9 South Chargrill can please anyone. From the grill, to the barbecue, to the veggie options, I loved the variety and couldn't settle on a lunch dish. I ended up with The Jake Burger which was a beef patty topped with pulled pork and barbecue sauce. It was mouth watering.

Another thing I loved about the restaurant was that you were able to choose two sides with your entree. I went for the waffle fries (you have to order waffle fries here) and the cole slaw. I enjoyed both of them. The waffle fries are the best around and the cole slaw was perfect (I am a picky coleslaw eater). A friend of mine got onion rings and they were great too.

I highly recommend giving 9 South a visit. Also try a Lone Star to drink and see if you can solve the puzzle on the inside of the bottle cap! They don't just have those anywhere