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Nebraska Baseball: Haymarket Park Should Be Ready to Go

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Looks like we can officially put contingency plans away.  Jeremy Foote, Nebraska's sports information director for baseball, told the Lincoln Journal-Star via a text message this morning that everything looks good to go at Haymarket Park.

"Looks like we're playing here."

Saturday afternoon's forecast calls for a 50% chance of rain, according to AccuWeather, with a high of 74. Saturday night's forecast looks ominous, with rain chances increasing to 75% after 8 pm. AccuWeather.  A return of flooding is very possible that night as their models show another 2.67" of rain falling late Saturday night. The National Weather Service calls for a 90% of chance of rain, with amounts between a half inch and .75" of rain.

I would not be surprised if Saturday's schedule changes to a doubleheader in an effort to get games in before Salt Creek gets a chance to put on an encore performance.