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Darin Erstad Tweets About a Dry Haymarket Park

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Darin Erstad

Darin Erstad tweeted a photo that should make Husker fans everywhere happy:

That doesn't mean "Game On!" No doubt that there is a lot of cleanup work to do, as well as verify that there wasn't any damage. Certainly the dugouts and parking lots took on a lot of mud that'll need to be cleaned up. And just because the standing water is gone doesn't mean that the field is playable.

Playing the game at Haymarket Park would be the best available scenario for NU; other facilities may not be available. Plus, NET has plans to televise Saturday's game, and may not be able to reposition their broadcast crews if the games were to leave Lincoln. Not to mention, the logistics of getting both teams to another city and ballpark wouldn't be a lot of fun.

But things look a lot better this morning than they did yesterday.