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Nebraska Baseball: Haymarket Park Floods

University of Nebraska Athletics

Torrential rains fell across much of the state of Nebraska on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Officially, 6.65 inches of rain fell at the Lincoln Airport since Wednesday morning, while areas just to the southwest of Lincoln received upwards of nine or ten inches of rain. Street flooding was widespread in Lincoln, especially at Haymarket Park, where Salt Creek overflowed it's banks.

While Hawks Field at Haymarket Park has a drainage system that can pump the water away, there's no place for the water to go until the flooding on Salt Creek recedes.

At 11:15 am Thursday morning, Salt Creek was seven feet above flood stage. It's forecast to drop below flood stage around midnight tonight - barring no more rain falling.

With Finals Week underway, this weekend's home finale series against Purdue will start on Saturday, which gives the grounds crew a little more time to drain the field once the floodwaters recede on Friday. Friday's forecast calls for a 40% chance of storms while on Saturday, Accuweather forecasts a 60% chance of rain, which could be heavy on Saturday night into Sunday, with over an inch of rain possible by Sunday morning. Sunday and Monday's forecasts look much drier, with only slight chances of rain. Needless to say, stay tuned tomorrow and Saturday in case schedule changes are necessary.  And cross your fingers for some dry weather.

Nebraska's crack digital team waded over to Hawks Lake at Haymarket Park with "Lil Erstad" and a remote controlled boat to make the best of the soggy situation.

And in the interests of full disclosure, don't blame our Salt Creek on this...he's the street sign at the roundabout northwest of Memorial Stadium, not the source of all this water.