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Calling For Your Nominations For The Corn Nation Food Bracket

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This summer, we're going to find out the places you want to eat the most.

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Summer is coming soon. For those in the College Sports world, that's a cold, Siberian type of time where you take vacations, mull over the schedule and depth chart multiple times, and basically do things that seem boring.

Well, here at CN, we're going to have a project for your voting interest and such. What are we calling it?

The Corn Nation Food Bracket

I know, crazy name huh? We'll probably get out a silly graphic and such for it as well.

The Gist:

We're picking 64 eateries and having 63 competitions to find out the ultimate place to eat. There will be 4-16 selection brackets that we're going to put out there. Each competition will be chosen by you, the reader.

We're breaking it down into four sections for your ease, along with examples of what we're looking for:

Lincoln: These are the places you will only find in the city of Lincoln. (Green Gateau, Leadbelly's)

Omaha: As above, these will be places that you only find in the city of Omaha. (Drover, Stella's, Dinker's,)

Nebraska: This is a little different, as these are places inside the state of Nebraska NOT in Lincoln or Omaha proper. Suburban places will be on a decision-making basis with the committee (The CN staff). (Chances R in York, Cellar in Kearney)

National Chains: These will be national places that you like. The kicker here is that you MUST be able to find it in the state of Nebraska. So, no In n Out or Fatburger or such. (BWW, Raising Canes)

So how do I nominate a place?

Simple.. in the comments below, tell us of a place and what category it belongs in, and why it should be in that segment of 16. "I go there every Tuesday" isn't a great reason, the food, service, and atmosphere, however, is a good reason.