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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: O'Brien On The Way To Being A Husker?

Some good news on the QB front, plus a few new offers come out of North Stadium.

Roland Walder
Roland Walder
Student Sports

- A lot of folks have thought that Patrick O'Brien, the Pro Style QB out of San Juan Capistrano, California, was waiting on a USC offer and just holding the Nebraska offer as a placeholder till then. Well, things change and one big change is that it looks like USC has gotten their QB for this cycle.

Since the Trojans have gotten Fink, there's presumably the biggest threat that Nebraska had with O'Brien. It sounds like O'Brien plans on visiting Nebraska this coming weekend. If things go well on this trip, it's not a bad thought that Nebraska gets it's first QB verbal in a long time come Sunday.

Terry Wilson, the other Nebraska QB target, won't be visiting Lincoln on June 13th. However, this is nothing to worry about as Wilson will be taking the ACT at that time. The love OC/QB coach Danny Langsdorf has shown keeps Wilson realizing how much Nebraska wants him as well as O'Brien. Texas Tech and Arizona State have offered Wilson since we last talked, but the Huskers stay on top of the list.

- Some new offers are out on the trail.

Tre Williams certainly looks the part, no?

Nebraska went north of the border to offer Chase Claypool in Canada as well.

Knoxville TE Austin Pope is also hearing from Nebraska as well.

Finally on the offer report... someone in the new staff must have not been told about how Vince Marrow made Bo Pelini look like a horses ass on the recruiting trail, because the Huskers are aiming for a Kentucky verbal in LB Roland Walder. He's in Ohio too, so man.... you sure we're allowed to do this?