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Big Red Cobcast: Clayton Anderson Interview!

Knock, Knock. Who's There? A mother flippin' Cornhusker astronaut.


Whats cooler than football? An astronaut.

What's cooler than a one-handed catch, in the end zone, for a game winning touchdown? An astronaut.

What's cooler than a National Championship? Nothing.

BUT an astronaut is its only equal!

So, basically we interviewed the equivalent of a National Championship! That's right we interviewed Clayton Anderson, Nebraska's only astronaut!  Obviously we were honored to have a nice chat with him. He was kind enough to share his amazing stories with us about flying through outer space and watching football games in the international space stations with those pesky Russian cosmonauts. Clayton told us about seeing his home from miles up; in a way that no other Nebraskan has experienced. He's the only Husker who has this story. How cool is that? This was such an amazing, interesting and at times poetic interview.

Clayton (@Astro_Clay on twitter) grew up on Husker athletics and played many sports himself. Being from Ashland, he has carried his humble Nebraska ways with him through his professional career. Listen to the interview. It's way more interesting than my article is. Check out his website and book at

Oh and did I mention THAT HE WENT TO OUTER SPACE!!!!!!!!

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