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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Baseball 8th, Big Ten Baseball Is Tough


Rogers: Big Ten Must Relish Opportunity -

The Big Ten is having a magical year in college baseball, thanks in part to some past commitments. But the league has to make sure success can be sustained.

Despite winning their series over Northwestern, Nebraska has dropped to eight in the Big Ten. EIGHTH. 8TH!!!!!

The Big Ten is having an amazing year, but 8TH!!!!!  Look at Illinois. They haven't lost a game since the NCAA Basketball tournament. Their streak is at 21 games. They have the highest winning percentage in the NCAA.

What the hell .... Maryland was swept this weekend by Indiana. AT MARYLAND. WTF?

Sorenson: College Baseball Ouch List -- May 4
It has been a disappointing season for several including Mississippi State. The Bulldogs and others continued their slides this past weekend.

Overall Conference
W-L-T % W-L %
1. Illinois 40-6-1 .862 16-1 .941
2. Iowa 33-12-0 .733 15-3 .833
3. Ohio State 31-13-0 .705 12-6 .667
4. Maryland 32-16-0 .667 11-7 .611
Michigan State 29-18-0 .617 11-7 .611
6. Michigan 28-19-0 .596 12-9 .571
7. Indiana 26-19-0 .578 9-10 .474
8. Nebraska 33-17-0 .660 8-10 .444
9. Minnesota 19-25-0 .432 7-11 .389
10. Penn State 17-26-0 .395 5-12 .294
11. Rutgers 15-31-1 .330 5-13 .278
Northwestern 15-31-0 .326 5-13 .278
13. Purdue 15-33-0 .313 2-16 .111

2015 NFL Draft results: Lions pick Ameer Abdullah - Pride Of Detroit

The Detroit Lions have selected Ameer Abdullah with the 54th overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Read the comments.

Spagnola: Cowboys Truly Believe They Can Survive Close To The Edge | Dallas Cowboys
IRVING, Texas – My guess is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has never met the band members from the group Yes, and those guys from the 1970s English rock band won’t file a copyright infringement against the Dallas Cowboys.          But with the beginning of the 2015 NFL offseason, along with this weekend’s NFL Draft, the title of this platinum album Yes released in 1972 appropriately characterizes life with your Dallas Cowboys:          Close To The Edge.

2015 Husker profile: Drew Brown - Nebraska - Scout
Kicker Drew Brown, who started as a true freshman in 2014, might have a stiff competition on his hands going into 2015.

2015 NFL Draft results by college: FSU, Louisville, and the SEC dominate -
Behold, the NFL Draft's first round by college, conference and recruit ratings.

If you paid $100 for Mayweather-Pacquiao, you're a chump -
A record number of people paid a record amount of money to watch a guy with no interest in punching fight against a guy with an injured shoulder. A record number of people are chumps.