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The Corn Nation Food Bracket Starts Tomorrow, How Will It Work?

The field of 64 stars Monday and goes through the summer.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Starting tomorrow, the Corn Nation Food Bracket will be up to you, the fan, to decipher. We want to give some ground rules and such on how to vote for things here.

The Voting:

Each contest will have a 24-hour voting window. Whoever is ahead at the end point of that voting matchup moves on. The loser is eliminated.

Social Media:

We will be featuring each place (if possible) on the Corn Nation Facebook Page. If you're really feeling a place and want to spread the word, then share both tweets and FB posts to your friends and such.

What not to do:

- Don't make multiple accounts to vote for the same place many times. Not only is it flat out stuffing the ballot box, it's against Vox/SBN rules to do so. And I am the one who checks IP's and such so I can see who is doing what.

- Make a point of saying good things about the place you want to win. Don't put people down for voting against your ideals (there is disagreeing and then there is past that, don't go past that).

At the end of the week, we'll have all 8 matchups for the week totaled and who will be moving on.

Good luck to all the places in the bracket.