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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Terry Wilson Visiting Nebraska,Satellite Camp Schedule Set

We're in Camp season now, and not only will Nebraska be traveling for some, but there are some big targets coming soon for Nebraska's set.

Nebraska OL target Matt Farniok
Nebraska OL target Matt Farniok
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While the recruiting news never really stops, sometimes it does go in a small lull. With graduations and such going around, the Nebraska Cornhuskers were still working on things, but things got a little slow. However, yesterday we found out when Mike Riley and the Nebraska staff will be helping out with their Satellite Camp schedule this summer.

Now, not only does it sound like Nebraska is going to go across the country looking for talent, but it also sounds like the Husker coaching staff is going to head north to Ann Arbor and take up Jim Harbaugh's call to help out at the Exposure U camp in June.

You can make cracks about the previous staff and how they took June/July off, like this one man did...

As harsh as I was on Pelini's staff for their recruiting "strategy" and such, they did do good work around the time that they hosted campers. Granted, after that till seemingly the end of the season is when there were bigger issues, but during camping time, they did do work.

Speaking of those camps, they will be going on next week in Lincoln. If you want to sign up, there aren't too many spots left.


If you're keeping track at home, you've seen that the Nebraska staff is hyping a "visitor" this weekend in Lincoln.

Nebraska Quarterback verbal Terry Wilson is the man who made the trip with the family from Oklahoma City to Lincoln. Wilson was originally scheduled to come visit a few weeks ago, but the ACT test got in his way.

Mike Schaefer of Nebraska's 247 Sports site went to OKC to check out Wilson on the eve of his visit. This is what he saw:


The next two weekends are going to have Nebraska hosting some good talent in the form of their annual Big Red Weekends. I shall have lists up this week on who is visiting each weekend, and it's not too out of the reach to say there should be at least one commitment each weekend to report back to everyone.

Out of the two weekends, bigger Nebraska targets like Quayshon AlexanderNoah Fant and Jack Stoll are right now "confirmed" that could commit to the Huskers. Word on the street is that big time OL target Matt Farniok is planning to visit one of the two weekends as well.