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Flakes: 100 Days Until Kickoff

Flakes covers a wide range of Husker sports and even includes some current Nebraska news. Oh, and you get to help write the top 10 reasons we need Jon back.

Jon, we need you back! Get that new computer now!
Jon, we need you back! Get that new computer now!
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Jon's computer is still dead. Or at least he hasn't told us otherwise. Dammit, he's on a beach somewhere laughing at my poor excuse for a Flakes opening monologue isn't he?

OK folks, we need to get Dear Leader back. Let's come up with Top 10 reasons Jon needs a new computer...

10. Ranchbabe isn't good at ranting - and we miss Husker-themed rants, especially when gin is involved

9. Making Salt Creek & Stadium serve as the CN curmudgeon is failing miserably - unless 'hipster curmudgeon' becomes a thing...without pants...

8. If Jon doesn't return soon, Flakes will devolve into crowd-sourced haiku mad libs. No one should be required to read that

7. Jello recipes. Someone needs to stop the madness. (Jade - this is your cue to post more of those awesome retro jello mold pics)

6. /Wisconsin just scored again. Oh wait, that has nothing to do with Jon and we don't want that back. Nevermind

The rest are up to you! Post in the comments on the reasons we need Jon back and we'll compile them in a Flakes article next week. Unless Jon fires me. Then y'all will be responsible for creating the fanpost.

Tanner Lubach is awesome - but we knew that already

Don't forget (from yesterday's Flakes) Tanner Lubach up for TD Ameritrade Fan's Choice Award


Terran Petteway and the NBA Draft

By most accounts (that I saw anyway) Terran Petteway made a good impression at the NBA combine. He is now doing workouts for teams. Today, he is in Indy with the Pacers.

Nebraska Repeals Death Penalty

The Nebraska unicameral overrode the governor's veto and has repealed the death penalty. This brings us right to the brink of political commentary that our own site rules forbid. I really discourage inflammatory remarks in the comments - I am mostly posting this because many of you in the CN community live outside of Nebraska and may or may not have heard this. I have no strong opinion on this topic - and I'm totally hoping that a CN commenter more clever than me can come up with an "execution" joke ala 'coachspeak'.

/OK, maybe we should leave the 'execution' jokes out of this and stick with finishing the top 10 reasons we need Jon back.

Husker Women's Basketball to Take on NC State in B1G/ACC Challenge

The Husker women will host the North Carolina State Wolfpack in the B1G/ACC challenge on December 3, 2015 at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Nebraska currently holds a 2-1 series advantage over NCSU - even though this will be the first meeting on either team's home court.

Stokes Is an All-American

Nebraska softball player, Kiki Stokes, earned 3rd team All-American honors . The Kansas native posted a .532 on-base percentage - the highest single-season mark in NU history. Given the accolades the softball program has earned over the years, that is no small task. Stokes, a junior, is well-deserving of this honor and will probably be an instrumental leader for this squad next year.

Two Husker Soccer Players Named to International Squads

Nebraska forward Jaycie Johnson and former Husker Ari Romero each earned recognition as both women garnered spots on international team rosters this summer.


Not that I am counting or anything.