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Nebraska Athletics Get Good Marks In The NCAA APR Report

All of the Huskers sports did well on the Academic front.

David McGee

The NCAA decided that Wednesday was the proper day to release their Academic Progress Rate reports, which you can search any school here.

Your Nebraska Cornhuskers did well in the APR for the 2013-14 school year, with every sport that had a score that was reported above the NCAA mendoza line of 930.

Nebraska Football went upwards from their last single year score of 966, scoring a one year mark of 991, while turning in a 4 year average of 985, which is up from last year's score of 980.

Nebraska Basketball, which scored a single year mark of 1000 and a four year of 947, had a single year of 958 and a four year of 950 in this year's reports.

Nebraska Baseball had a single year mark of 975 and a four year of 971, which are both lower of a 1000 single year and 982 mulit-year score they had in the last report.

Not all of the Athletic Department's programs get listed on the report, and that is due to certain factors that could range from anything from a simple numbers game to privacy reports that the NCAA has no way to get.

For those wishing to see the full report for the 2013-14 season, here is the full PDF. To compare with the report from last year, that's here as well.