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Flakes: Jon's Computer, Heroes, Lavonte David, and More

Your daily dose of Husker news is taking a look forward...and back.

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Good morning fellow CN'ers. Jon's computer died so the inmates are running the asylum for a while. Nothing could possibly go wrong....could it?

On a separate note, I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day weekend. I want to say a belated thank you to all the men and women who serve or have served our country. It is a demanding calling and  you have my utmost respect. Not only do the men and women in uniform deserve a thank you, but their spouses and families do as well.

I know many of you in the CN community have served, are currently serving, or are married to service members. I won't call out anyone by name (there are a LOT of you!) but please put a note in the comments on your branch and unit or other relevant information...if for no other reason than to help those of us that hang around CN to get to know each other better.


This isn't really Husker news, but it is Nebraska news and, well, it's the offseason, so we are going to venture a little further than normal. Omaha police officer Kerrie Orozco was killed in the line of duty. She died the day before going on maternity leave - and bringing home her newborn daughter from neonatal intensive care. I know that police actions have been in the news a lot and I am not trying to start any political or similar commentary. On the contrary, the response to her death should make any Nebraskan proud. There. Is. No. Place.

Many people, including the Patriot Riders, worked to shield the family, friends, and co-workers of Officer Orozco from protesters. Many more lined the streets to show their support. #KerrieOn

How About That Lavonte David?

It seems jarring to move from heroes to talking about football players, but I have to draw your attention to this article from the mothership, How Lavonte David Became So Inexplicably Good. I was a bit annoyed at how the article glosses over they way Husker fans appreciated (and did NOT overlook) him during his short time here. Regardless, it is still a nice hat tip to a kid who played (and continues to play) much 'bigger' than he is.

A look back - one of my favorite Lavonte stories is about how he refused to sit in the front row during position meetings, despite the fact that injuries had decimated the presumed starters.

More Husker News

Josh Mitchell waived by Indianapolis Colts

It does not bode well for an undrafted free agent, but we should know in a few days whether Indy thinks enough of the undersized cornerback to stash him on injured reserve or let him go altogether.

Tanner Lubach up for TD Ameritrade Fan's Choice Award

Husker fans have never met an online poll they did not like. Go to the site, click on "vote" and cast your ballot early and often for the Husker catcher!

Miles, Yori receive extensions

The men's and women's basketball coaches have received one-year contract extensions that lock them up through the 2019-20 seasons. Conveniently, this allows both coaches to go on the recruiting trail and assure potential players that they are around for the long haul. It seems to be standard practice for athletic directors to budget for these extensions (and buyouts if all does not go as planned) purely to lure the recruits.

Exhibit A: Eichorst extends Pelini after the 2014 season - after the swiping-a-hat-at-refs and daring-your-boss-to-fire-you postgame [Iowa]. Is it more telling if an AD refuses than if they extend? (Let us know in the comments).

Disclaimer: I think Miles and Yori have earned their extensions, I am just wondering about the scope and size of college athletics and how the contract extension might not be the security blanket it used to be....

Oh, and Nebrasketball is still on the hunt for the elusive "big man" and has a 7+ foot visitor scheduled.

Ameer Abdullah: Every Day Is a New Journey

One of the Husker greats has been asked to blog his rookie experience for the Detroit Lions. Warning: You will barely recognize him in the Lion powder blue uni's. He looks so much better in red. #GBR