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Big Red Cobcast: Baseball Sucks.

The Cobcast talks about Spring stuff, like Baseball, and y'know, football.

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Baseball Sucks. Someone had to say it.

Now, I can't speak for Pat and Joe. They love baseball. Joe also loves the New York Giants and Pat loves learning so they KNOW NOTHING!

I, however, hate baseball. Not so much playing baseball. Batting cages are fun. Throwing things can be fun. Hell, even running can be useful. Not fun mind you - useful. Running sucks too.  Watching baseball, is like watching golf or watching bowling. You don't actually like it, you just have nothing better to do.

Here's a list of things that I don't like (in order)

1) Texas

2) Iowa

3) Nick Saban

4) Watching Baseball

5) War

6) Cancer

7) Khakis

8) Shopping

9) Reality Television

10) Getting Punched

See how high Baseball is on that list? It's pretty high, huh? It's above Khakis and Khakis are the worst.

Baseball doesn't even have cheerleaders. Or dunking. Baseball has steroids and gambling. You know what else has steroids and gambling? Everything. My food has steroids in it. You want me to start watching my food? That's just crazy talk. Iowa has gambling. AND IOWA SUCKS MORE THAN BASEBALL!

I guess my point here guys is that there's a reason nobody has watched baseball since Babe Ruth retired and that's because Football was invented. So can we please just hurry up and get to September already.

That'd be great.

This week we talk about the final throws of the baseball season and we also chat about the recruiting happenings. We also talk about what makes a Husker fan. Is liking one sport enough to call yourself a Husker? Listen to hear our thoughts!

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