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Big Red Cobcast: The Chris Kelsay Interview

Pat and Ryan sit down with former Husker and Buffalo Bills star, Chris Kelsay!

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

This is the best part about hosting a Husker podcast! Sometimes, we get to chat with former players about being a Husker, playing in the NFL and wanting to tackle Eli Manning.

This week that guy was Chris Kelsay, younger brother of Chad Kelsay. Both are great guys and while Chad's jewelry box may be bigger, Chris had a longer NFL run. We've also interviewed Chad (which you can listen to here) so it was interesting to hear both sides of the brothers stories. I will say this about both of them: You will never talk to more humble, down to earth guys. I always find it impressive when I meet Nebraska boys that made it, in whatever their field is, they always seem to remember where they're from. That's says a lot about the character that the state creates and, in this instance, the Husker football program.

Another really cool thing, that I didn't know about, is that Chris is friends with one of the greatest musical performers of all time, Garth Brooks. I picture them drinking beers and then wrestling. I'm not sure why but I bet Garth has the low center of gravity to keep Chris out of the back field.

We talked about so many things that I might as well just give you the keys to the car at this point and let you put the proverbial pedal to the metal of this weeks episode. I hope you like it and GO BIG RED!

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