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CornNation Tells You about Nebraska Breweries

CornNation will profile and review Nebraska breweries this summer!

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This summer, I will be writing a series that is going to require reflection, sacrifice, and personal commitment.

Just kidding.

I’ll be writing about beer.

The week of May 11th is American Craft Beer Week, so we here at CornNation thought it would be an appropriate time to introduce the series and what will be happening.

As you may or may not know, craft brewing is growing rapidly in Nebraska. A craft brewery is a term generally used to refer to a beer company smaller than the likes of Bud/Coors/Miller (see a more in-depth definition here). The most recognizable craft brewery in the United States is the Boston Beer Company, brewers of the Samuel Adams beers.

How did I draw the longest straw of all time? Well, I am an investor in the Blue Blood Brewing here in Lincoln, a company that is opening a full-service brewpub and restaurant in Lincoln in the fall at Robber's Cave. Like all of the guys I know through the brewery, we love beer and support our competitors/brethren. I was also born and raised in Colorado, so I was around a craft beer culture. From the earliest days of my being legal to drink, I’ve always chosen craft beer. I’ve also homebrewed.

Oh, it works, too, that I am a teacher and have the summer free to hit some of the small breweries around Nebraska. I’ll be looking for suggestions. I will be talking about Lincoln and Omaha breweries (obviously), but I know there is a new brewery opening in Seward, and Kearney has a well-established brewery in Thunderhead.

It should also be noted that my palette is not the be all-end all of beer palettes.  Everyone likes something different, and you may not like a beer I like, or you may REALLY like a beer I don't.  That's a great thing about beer, there's something for everyone!

The pieces will come begin to come out on Fridays once baseball season is over for the Huskers. I would love to have suggestions for breweries I don’t know about.  Please tweet them to me, @coach_ty6.  I supposed you can also leave them in the comments of the articles.  I will visit as many as I can and keep thirsty Huskers with a selection to try, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see some new options around tailgates in the fall.