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Reports: Florida's Rashon Burno Joins Tim Miles' Nebraska Basketball Staff

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Jeff Goodman is joining the crowd reporting that Florida's Rashon Burno will fill the vacancy on Nebraska's mens' basketball coaching staff.

Burno has spent the last three seasons at Florida working under Billy Donovan, who left Florida for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder. New Florida head coach Michael White chose to bring his Louisiana Tech staff with him, leaving Burno looking for a  new job.

Burno has a impressive personal history. Both parents died from AIDS when Burno was just seven years old. His grandmother took care of him briefly before succumbing to dementia, at which point he fell under the care of his older brother. He worked his way through high school to pay his tuition at Jersey City's St. Anthony. There, he escaped the projects by playing basketball for Bob Hurley, Sr. There, he earned a scholarship to play at DePaul and became the only member of his family to earn a college degree.

After DePaul, he went to work as a financial planner, but while the money was good, the work was unfulfilling.  In 2007, he coached at Marimon Academy in Chicago for three years before leaving for one year stints at Towson State and Manhattan College. In 2012, he joined the Florida staff just in time for the 36-3 season in 2013-14 that ended at the Final Four.

And now he's a Husker, filling the vacancy left by Chris Harriman, who left to take an assistant's job at New Mexico.