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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: 4 Star LB Quayshon Alexander Set To Pick Nebraska

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The stud from Jersey is reportedly set to make his choice on Monday

David McGee

Reports have floated around the interwebs that Quayshon Alexander, the stud LB out of De Paul Catholic HS in Wayne, New Jersey, will commit to Nebraska come Monday when he announces.

To be fair, it seems like a given from Alexander's twitter that it's a done deal. Matter of factly, I don't get why he just doesn't call it good and say it himself. The hints are there though...

So... he's a Husker. There's nothing to sweat, right? Why should you worry about this? Well, let Alexander's own words tell you so.

"As much as I know that Nebraska is the best decision for me — and there's literally no way in the world that anything could ever change my mind because that's just how confident I am —  I'm still just going to ensure myself of that by going to all of these other schools and checking them out for the experience. It's a great opportunity that not that many people ever get."

Look, I know that we should take the young man's words as something. But I also know that, given he's pretty far away, coveted, and wanting to see other schools, this one will be interesting to see through. May Alexander stay a Husker? Of course. He may also split at the 11th hour. Mom wants him to take other visits due to what happened to his brother, so that is understandable. Then again, the fact that Mom will let him commit w/o visiting may stand to his conviction of Nebraska and Trent Bray.

This one will be interesting to watch up to the end.

- In other news, Husker OL target Matt Farniok got an nomination to one of the bigger HS All Star Games around.

- Traverse City, MI OT Jacob Cerny will be visiting Nebraska on June 5th. Cerny just won the MVP honors at The Opening Regional in Chicago, and has the attention of a lot of Big Ten teams.

- The next week, Minneapolis Park Center HS Safety Amani Hooker is set to take a unofficial to Nebraska. Hooker is currently a hard Iowa lean, but the Huskers want to get in on the fun.