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Corn Flakes: Tim Beckman In Trouble, Cost Of Attendance Issues

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Bohls is the current president of the FWAA (Football Writers Association of America - Brian, Mike, and myself are members). He acknowledges the mistake of leaving Tommie Frazier off the ballot as Mike wrote about a couple days ago.

Huskers Head to Baton Rouge for NCAA Regional - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Nebraska softball team makes its 23rd NCAA Tournament appearance this weekend, when the Huskers face a tough field at the NCAA Baton Rouge Regional, hosted by LSU.

Huskers End Regular Season at Illinois - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Lincoln - With three games left in the regular season, the Nebraska baseball team (34-19, 9-12 Big Ten) will start its final Big Ten series of the year on Thursday in Champaign, Ill., against the No. 5 Illinois Fighting Illini (43-6-1, 19-1 Big Ten).  The series runs Thursday-Friday-Saturday, with both Thursday and Friday's games set for 6:05 p.m. Saturday's regular-season finale is scheduled for 2:05 p.m. Both Friday and Saturday's games will be carried live nationwide on the Big Ten Network.

So... really, this team can either figure it out, OR GET SLAUGHTERED ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Mailbag: Who Is the Best Husker Athlete Ever? | Hail Varsity
No Merlene Ottey mention. I would have at least put her in there... well, maybe she's still the best ever. Burroughs, yeah.

Ole Miss beat Arkansas State so badly they literally quit after 7 innings - Red Cup Rebellion
No, like Arkansas State literally just quit. With the score sitting at 17-3 after seven innings, the two coaching staffs mutually agreed to just go ahead and call the game. I'll be honest, I didn't even know that was possible.

Congrats on the title, Io-where are you going?

UGA sees cost of attendance disparities a 'troubling issue' | Online Athens
It’s become big enough of a deal to certainly get the attention of UGA coaches and administrators, who have huddled to try to gauge what impact differing numbers at each school might have.

NC State officials wrestling with the school's cost-of-attendance problem - Backing The Pack

NC State will be offering full cost-of-attendance scholarships just like every other power conference school. Thing is, NC State can't offer as much as many other Power 5 schools. That's a problem.

Hmmmmm... this is an issue we should examine further, don't you think?

Paul Finebaum didn't share full Bobby Bowden quote on Jameis Winston - Tomahawk Nation

In news that shouldn't be shocking to anyone, the Paul Finebaum show removed Bobby Bowden's qualifier from his quote about Jameis Winston when sharing it on Twitter.

Paul Finebaum is a joke... why do people bother with him? I get that he can be entertaining like your crazy drunken uncle, but why does anyone take what he has to say seriously?

Pete Carroll To Receive Honorary Degree From USC - Conquest Chronicles
Former Head Coach Pete Carroll will receive an honorary degree from USC as well as be inducted into the University's Athletic Hall of Fame.

Off-Season Trials: The Noon Kickoff - Off Tackle Empire

11:00 If You're On God's Time

I kind of like 11:00 am games for the reasons they list... unless I'm going to them. Then they suck.

2015 Iowa State Football: Five Reasons for Pessimism - Wide Right & Natty Lite
All you tire fire fans can rejoice as we count the reasons to look towards the fall with a skeptical eye.

National College Players Association requests independent investigation of Illinois Football - The Champaign Room
Could an independent investigation be coming for Illinois Athletics?

Another ex-Illinois player: Tim Beckman 'the worst coach I ever met' -

More players speak out about alleged misconduct by the head coach.

I'd say Beckman is screwed as is Illinois. You could get away with this if you were winning, but he's not and he looks more like a fool for not speaking publicly and not getting out in front of the issue. Or maybe he just wants a buyout settlement.

If these allegations are true, Beckman will fail not so much because he treated some players poorly, but because he failed to treat all of his players the same. If you want to build a winning team, everyone must be treated equally. It's an issue of fairness and decency. Team members recognize what's happening - so might perform better because of favoritism, but more will resent it and feel that there's no way for them to get ahead and therefore will stop working as hard as they would have otherwise.

There will always be grievances and disgruntled ex-team members. If they're treated fairly, the vast majority will move on without complaint. If they're not, they're more likely to come back and bite you for it later.

This is Management 101. This is true for sports, true for business, true for volunteer organizations. Why is this so hard to grasp?

And of course....

Thank you to the @TBBuccaneers ! Very excited and thankful for the opportunity !!!