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Big Red Cobcast: Summertime Blues

We have the non-football-season blues here at the Big Red Cobcast. Come join us and we can feel like crap together. That's probably not our best pitch, huh?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Remember that song by Will Smith? No, not "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It". Nope, not "Parents Just Don't Understand"

This one:

Well, Mr. Prince forgot to mention how much Summertime lacks football. Sure, there's scantily clad women, drunk fishing at 11 am and falling asleep in your back yard with your lady friend.

Or your buddy Frank. I'm not here to judge you man. Do what you want.

As I was saying, what Fresh Willie forgot, about this time of year is that there is no football. No 300 pound lineman pancaking a safety, no blood on helmets or teeth on the field. There are no gatorade baths in West Philadelphia right now. There are no grad assistants getting yelled at in "Miami". There are no "Men in Black"... shirts. watch.0.html There are no "Wild, Wild, West" Coast Offenses. There are not "Just The Two of Us" in my living room watching the game.

Sorry, I only know so many Will Smith references. Feel free to leave yours in the comments. Plus, I'm just gonna say it, "Will Smith sold out". I put it in quotes because I mean it.

This week on the Cobcast, we talk about how we think the Husker draftees will do with their respective drafters. Also, Jerry Jones* joins us briefly to talk about the Dallas Cowboys offseason thus far. It's a hoot.

*It's not actually Jerry Jones. Dummy.

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