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The Football Writers Association of America Omits Tommie Frazier From Top Quarterbacks List

How many snubs can one man take?
How many snubs can one man take?

Jon, Brian and I received an e-mail this morning from Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman, inviting us as members of the Football Writers Association of America to vote for the 75th Anniversary All-American team. Sounds great, right?

First on the list are Stanford's Jim Plunkett and Tennessee's Peyton Manning. Good choices.  The list of their quarterbacks continue:

Roger Staubach, Navy; John Hadl, Kansas; Roman Gabriel, North Carolina State; Bobby Layne, Texas; Terry Baker, Oregon State; Pat Sullivan, TCU; Vince Young, Texas; Don Meredith, SMU; John Elway, Stanford; Steve Young, BYU; Doug Flutie, Boston College; Vinny Testaverde, Miami, Fla.; Andre Ware, Houston; Ty Detmer, BYU; Robert Griffin, Baylor; Charlie Ward, Florida State; Tim Tebow, Florida; Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M; Joe Hamilton, Georgia Tech; Don Trull, Baylor; Colt McCoy, Texas (Two-time FWAA AA); Kellen Moore, Boise State; A.J. McCarron, Alabama

Wait.  Somebody's missing here.

You have a college quarterback list that includes Joe Hamilton, Kellen Moore, A.J. McCarron and Colt McCoy...but not Tommie Frazier? Reminds me of Frazier's 2012 snub by the College Football Hall of Fame. The reaction by sportswriters at the time was pretty loud...


It's not like Nebraska was snubbed on the rest of the ballot: running back Mike Rozier, center Dave Rimington, offensive linemen Aaron Taylor and Dean Steinkuhler, wide receiver Irving Fryar, defensive end Grant Wistrom, defensive tackles Rich Glover and Ndamukong Suh (who was listed as Nadamukong on the ballot) and returner Johnny Rodgers. I'd even argue that Fryar's inclusion was rather generous.

But no Tommie Frazier on this list? Unfathomable.