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Corn Flakes: Husker Spring Football Practice Updates

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

A little late this morning, but you got that Taylor Martinez interview earlier, right?

We're running out of spring practices, and the spring game is coming this weekend.

Basically, Alex Lewis is the only confirmed starter on the offensive line. Many players, as many as possible, are impressing the coaches. A.J. Bush will probably start at quarterback, Graham Nabbity at running back.

So who's going to the spring game?

Monday practice quick hits and notes
Maliek Collins said the most impressive lineman to him this spring has been Chongo Kondolo. Collins said that each time he tries to make a move, it’s always Kondolo who has a hand right in Collins’ chest.

Practice Report: Huskers Near Spring Finish Line | Hail Varsity
For the quarterbacks specifically, Langsdorf is still looking for more accuracy from the group. He understands it’s going to take more time, especially as each player learns the new offense.

Huskers Get Defensive - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska defensive coordinator Mark Banker met with the media following the conclusion of Monday's practice. Banker talked about the competition at secondary and the importance of having depth.

Steven M. Sipple: NU should find way for Big Red Breakfast to continue : Latest Husker News

The Nebraska athletic department should find a way to keep the Big Red Breakfast alive. It shouldn't be overly difficult.

So get a PR person to handle it. It's the same as the coach speak that normally comes out of these events, and they're attended by only a few fans anyway. Honestly, I'd rather see something as a webcast that could be broadcast to a wider audience. That it started a long time ago shouldn't matter.

Report: Jameis Winston expected to face second rape-related accusation - Bucs Nation
One overlooked part of those investigations is the mention of a second woman who was troubled by her sexual encounter with Winston. Jason Cole of Bleacher Report now says that "multiple sources" expect a second accuser to come forward, either as part of the first accuser's civil suit, or as part of her own lawsuit.

Dave Bliss returning to college basketball 12 years after scandal at Baylor | News OK

Shamed coach Dave Bliss, whose career and reputation collapsed in the Baylor basketball scandal 12 years ago, has been hired to coach men’s basketball at Southwestern Christian University, an NAIA school in Bethany.

This is amazing. Bliss was the main guy in the (arguably) the worst scandal in college sports history. That he's potentially reformed shouldn't matter. What should matter is that there had to be a huge number of other candidates that could have been chosen instead of him.

Wisconsin vs. Duke: Badgers fall just short in NCAA tournament championship - Bucky's 5th Quarter

The stage was set and Wisconsin looked poised to take it. But it wasn't to be, as the Blue Devils pulled out a 68-63 win in the NCAA tournament championship.

I thought the first half was good, but the second half seemed to consist of the Duke guards just driving (sometimes throwing themselves) into Wisconsin players and getting fouls called. I guess that's a strategy, but I HATE HATE HATE the blocking/charge call because it's a completely subjective call that goes the way of whatever official is in charge of calling it. It has to be the shittiest call in all of sports.

Were I in charge (pun! ha!), I'd make it like a possession arrow. First time, it's a charge, next time, it's a block. Would it change the game? Yes. Tough shit, deal with it.