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2015 NCAA National Title Game: Wisconsin vs Duke Open Thread

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the end of the 2015 NCAA Basketball season as Big Ten team Wisconsin takes on the Duke Blue Devils for the national title.

Tonight we'll discover who wins the Corn Nation Whoop For Chaos bracket challenge, which, I have to admit has been a complete failure since we're seeing two #1 seeds play for the title.

Still, they might be the two best teams in the nation, although one feels like the national title game has already been played as Wisconsin beat Kentucky.

So - who you for?

I'm for Wisconsin. I like Wisconsin despite the fact that they seem to kick our ass in things. Maybe it's because my mother was born in Rice Lake and when I was young I used to look at the Rice Lake newspaper, which she still got in the mail after all those years, and marvel at the huge walleye and northern pike they always showed.

Or maybe it's because America needs a hero named Frank.