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Twitter Recap: April Fool's, Mack Brown pays a visit and a 'Frozen' parody about Bo Pelini

heartbreak city
heartbreak city
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Life of your average student athlete.

Stronger together.

Who agrees with her?

Faux Pelini had an eventful April Fool’s Day.

Rachel Theriot is ready for rehab.


Boys will be boys.

Gets you every time.

Definitely dressed like a local.

The bike gang returns.

Mack Brown paid a visit to Lincoln this week.

Coach Miles had a fun week in Indianapolis.

Stay motivated and you can achieve anything.

Those seats aren't too bad.

Ummm well you see…

Faux Pelini would be a bad career counselor.

Baseball players have weird dreams too.

Where are the reindeer?

Nothing beats family time.

Someone lost a chocolate craving pretty quick.

And last but not least…

Someone did a ‘Frozen’ parody song about Bo Pelini.

Hopefully these awesome tweets brightened you up on this Easter Monday. If you missed it here is last week’s Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!