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2015 NFL Draft Open Thread!

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the night you've all been waiting for (don't lie!). It's the 2015 NFL Draft!

Because you don't have anything better to do than:

  • Sit around and watch college players get picked
  • Put their new NFL team's hate on their head
  • Shake Roger Goodell's hand
  • While All Their Fans SCREAM Because They Wanted Someone Else
  • Chris Bierman will look ill-prepared again, relying on old catchphrases to get him through the night
  • And All The Mommas Will Cry
  • And Everyone Will Be Happy
  • Except For That One Guy
  • Who Doesn't Get Picked
  • And He's Sad Because They Keep Showing Him on TV
  • And no one - NO ONE - will bring him a gin & tonic
  • But It's Not Really Sad
  • Because He's Still Going To Be Making More Than All Of Us In The End

This is the spectacle of sport; football at its highest point! Celebrate the NFL Draft! WOOOOOOOO!!!!