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FB: Jariah Tolbert Busted For Marijuana Use & Paraphernalia.... Again

The Wideout is in trouble with authorities again.

David McGee

Nebraska Cornhuskers Wideout Jariah Tolbert was one of three people cited by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police last night for Possession of Drug and Paraphernalia.

Tolbert and two other females were found by a UNL-PD officer around 2:54am inside a car parked in a UNL parking lot off of 19th street. When contacted, the report states that a strong smell of weed came out of the car. One of the females produced a pipe, then told the officer that all three were partaking. All three were detained, cited, and released.

Back in June of last year, Tolbert was arrested after a foot chase for evading an officer and possession of weed as well. On that case, Tolbert pleaded guilty to the weed charge, but challenged the evading an officer charge.

It's disappointing that Tolbert was arrested & cited again, especially after seeming to have a great Spring Game.

No comment from Nebraska Head Coach Mike Riley or anyone else in the Athletic Department at this time.