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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Nebraska In Top List For Top Cali WR Tyler Vaughns

The Huskers are in the top list for one of the better Wideouts in America, plus some Aloha State recruiting.

Tyler Vaughns in action
Tyler Vaughns in action
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- The work that Nebraska Cornhuskers WR coach Keith Williams is doing to California's #3 ranked overall player, La Puente WR Tyler Vaughns, is not being unnoticed by the recruit.

The high-4 star, Army All-American Wideout is a lean to stay on the West Coast, but the fact that Nebraska and a few other Midwest teams made that list shows he's not afraid to head East.

- It's amazing to see how the two main Quarterback targets for Nebraska in both Terry Wilson and Patrick O'Brien have taken off in their current recruitment once Danny Langsdorf and Mike Riley seemed to find them.

For Terry Wilson, he's sported offers from Colorado, San Diego St., and now the Air Raid specialists in Lubbock.

Meanwhile, Patrick O'Brien has snagged a Colorado State offer and taken an unofficial to Notre Dame. But, the higher praise came in the form of a Army All-American scout who knows talent when he sees it.

If someone on the selection committee for the game notices you, then you're probably legit. And Nebraska fans should be hoping that both QB's come to Lincoln.

- Austin Area multi-tool Lineman Ryan Becker got some offers, and Nebraska was in the group.

- Mike Cavanaugh made the trip out to Hawaii. In related news, the food expense report got a lot better looking.

While Cav was out there, he no doubt talked to Mililanl RB Vavae Malepeai, who has sported a fair amount of Power 5 offers.

The Huskers also got an offer to Arvada, Colorado '17 OL Jake Moretti, who is being noticed by several teams all of a sudden.

And now it appears that Cavanaugh has come back to the main 48, in a place inside the 500 mile radius.