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Nebraska Cornhuskers Football 2015 NFL Draft Profile: Randy Gregory

The Fishers, Indiana Defensive End can make a difference for some team... but how long?

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Eric Francis/Getty Images

When Randy Gregory was a Junior College transfer out of Arizona Western Community College to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, many folks weren't exactly sure what they were getting.

Many wondered if he would even qualify for Nebraska (which he did), and even then, how would he work in the Bo Pelini, 2 gap system that made Defensive Linemen more harbingers to keep Quarterbacks in the pocket as the back 7 of the Defensive secondary did their work.

Gregory, in a nutshell, did quite alright.















13/10 40 26 66 19-101 10.5-69 1-1 0 1 1 18


11/10 23 31 54 10-69 7.0-67 1-0 2 3 1 16


24/20 63 
29-170 17.5-136 1-1



NFL Combine Results:

Gregory NFL Combine

The above comes from

Gregory graded out the best in the Broad Jump, and he wasn't really slow in the 40.


- Gregory does well anywhere you put him in the line in a pass-rushing situation. He was used off the edge most of his first year in Lincoln, and then put in a Middle Linebacker role and sent up the A gap during blitzing situations.

- Not only can Gregory get into the backfield from any spot on the line, he can also pursue through the play on a scrambling QB or RB out of the backfield.

- Has shown a great ability at times to get over cut blocks and defeat double teams with both his feet, pad level, and hand action.


- The biggest glaring weakness that has arrived is his continual use of marijuana. He tested positive at the NFL Combine, as well as a self-reported pair of positive tests during his time at Nebraska. No matter what your opinion of weed is, the fact is that Gregory seemed to do a lot of it when he was in Lincoln.

- On the field, the biggest glaring weakness is Gregory's inability to play consistently in the run game. This is (probably) due to his lack of weight on his 6' 5" frame.

- Gregory also had an injury issue at the beginning of the '15 season. He played in exactly one series vs. Florida Atlantic, and he looked physically spent in that opening drive. He was not seen in that game again and missed the contest vs. McNeese State. He did play in every game except the regular season finale vs. Iowa. He returned vs. USC in the Holiday Bowl, but was held to 4 total tackles.

Where Will Randy Gregory Go?

If you have a guess, feel free to share it. Originally thought of as a lock in the Top 5, he could slip as far now as the Second Round. One team that really hopes Gregory slips is the Dallas Cowboys, who are looking to replace the departed DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer. The New Orleans Saints could also take a peek at Gregory if he's there.

No matter what, Gregory is going to have to prove he's going to be worth a second contract to the NFL. It's not a league for players that can't figure out if they want to be there or not.