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Corn Flakes: A Disconnect Between Darin Erstad's Toughness And His Team's

Jon Johnston

Nebraska remains at 7th place in the Big Ten Conference in the baseball standings. Not a ranking change from last week, but the gap between the Huskers and Michigan widened. The Huskers have a series at Northwestern this weekend, then at home against Purdue.

It's an understatement that they need the upcoming series against Northwestern. They have yet to win a Big Ten road game, so even though the Wildcats aren't very good, something will have to change.

Take a look at the recent losses. Of the last five, three have been by one run, three in extra innings.

They haven't won a Big Ten Conference game on the road, granted they played against two of the better teams in conference on the road.

AH! Excuses! They're always there when you need them!

Clearly there is a disconnect between the toughness that Darin Erstad exhibited throughout his entire career and that which his team has shown this season.

I don't know how you fix that. Maybe you change the line up. Maybe you just deal with things as they come. It still goes back to this quote from Augie Garrido, of all people, a quote you might have seen here before, and you will probably see again:

The hardest thing to teach is accountability and responsibility. There is always an excuse. Someone else missed a ball, didn't get a hit, or threw a bad pitch.

The problems are not unlike Pelini's football team, or Tim Miles' basketball team this season. They're not unlike why your projects are failing at work.

One bad loss could be understandable. A number of them, and there's a problem.

From the outside, it looks like a matter of ownership. You can work around people who aren't buying into what you're doing at work sometimes (not always), but if you're on these types of teams and there are one or two guys that aren't 100%, these types of losses happen.

This team is running out of time to figure it out. Nebraska looks like a lock for the Big Ten baseball tournament. Gee. Whiz. Okay.

This is how far the bar has fallen?

W-L-T % W-L %
1. Illinois 36-6-1 .849 13-1 .929
2. Iowa 30-11-0 .732 13-2 .867
3. Ohio State 31-10-0 .756 12-3 .800
4. Maryland 30-13-0 .698 11-4 .733
5. Michigan 27-17-0 .614 11-7 .611
6. Michigan State 25-17-0 .595 9-6 .600
7. Nebraska 30-16-0 .652 6-9 .400
8. Minnesota 18-21-0 .462 7-11 .389
9. Indiana 23-17-0 .575 6-10 .375
10. Rutgers 15-27-1 .360 5-10 .333
11. Northwestern 13-29-0 .310 4-11 .267
12. Penn State 13-26-0 .333 2-12 .143
13. Purdue 13-31-0 .295 1-14 .067

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Then I saw this, and it's like, WHOOOAAAAA. Now you know THE REST OF THE STORY.

Somehow this whole video makes sense.