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Is Nebraska Looking for the Next Jack Stark?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been made recently about how much Mike Riley reminds people of Tom Osborne. That's a terrific thing, really. Osborne was on the cutting edge in many ways. He had an offense that was all but impossible to defend. He hired Boyd Epley to revolutionize the strength and conditioning of the program. He also was one of the first, at least in college athletics to employ a psychologist. Osborne has been quick to credit Stark's work with the team as being pivotal to the success and helping NU get over that hump. Having elite talent didn't hurt either...

NU today posted on their job board a position for "Director of Sports Psychology", something certain to rekindle thoughts of a Stark return to the glory days. It's been several years since the Huskers have employed someone in this capacity officially. A few individual sports have utilized psychological services, but over the athletic department as a whole, it has not. At many points, in many sports, the psyche and focus on the field has been called into question as many teams have struggled to succeed on their biggest stages and struggle to "get over the hump", so to speak. The return of some overarching psychological mentoring will be seen as a welcome addition by many.

If you're an MD from an American Medical Association accredited medical school, have a decade of experience as a licensed psychologist with five years at an NCAA Division I athletic department, throw your name in the ring and see what happens. Oh, you also need "Clinical/prevention experience in the areas of eating disorders/disordered eating and substance abuse" and be currently certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, by the way.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll face some stiff competition!