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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Jared Bubak Visits Arizona State, Some More Offensive Offers Fly Out

Today, it's time to wonder about some of last weekend's visitors, while taking a peek at some new offers that came from Lincoln.

Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis
Student Sports

When we last left you Monday, Georgia interests Zeb Noland and Jaleel Laguins were leaving the Nebraska Cornhuskers offices from an unofficial visit.

Word on the street is that, if both get an offer, they want to visit during their bye week. Nebraska didn't offer, but the duo seems to like what they saw when they were at North Stadium.

- Lot of interest in Brendan Scales, a TE out of Wildwood, Missouri. Add Nebraska to the interest pool after getting an offer on Monday.

- The Huskers are the first Power 5 school to offer for Oklahoma Running Back Jeremy Lewis, who has garnered attention from Arkansas State and Tulsa among others.

- Looks like Nebraska Tight End verbal Jared Bubak went down Southwest to check things out...

- Why is Iowa Western CC WR Taj Williams a target? Check this out:

... which led to this. Whoops.

- Another Missouri Wideout offer goes out to Roddrick Bryant of the St. Louis area.

- Finally, it looks like Houston ILB Dontavious Jackson digs the picture that the staff sent to him.