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Corn Flakes: We Be Passing A Lot Come Fall?

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Just in case you missed this one
Just in case you missed this one
David McGee

Who's Stock Rose Or Dropped During Nebraska's Spring Game? - Corn Nation

Who's helped, hurt, and done both after the first spring of the Mike Riley era?

I didn't get anything in on the post spring game stock report.... maybe I was hedging because it's rather hard to come up with subjects for the Flakes on a daily basis.

I did, however, send this email during our discussion of the topic, which the guys then finished off in a google doc but didn't include mine, thankfully, so I have more for you today. Ha!

Stock up - draw plays.

Stock down - Bitching about Tim Beck calling three pass plays in a row.

I watched the play calling as much as anything just to see what kind of plays Langsdorf is thinking about running. They call more draw plays in the spring game than Tim Beck did during his entire tenure as Nebraska's offensive coordinator.

I didn't look that hard, but I'm pretty sure it's true. Beck just wasn't a guy for draw plays.

And the passing... I realize it was a spring game, the coaches need to get a good look at what their quarterbacks can do in some live game action, but, man there was a crapload of passing. Just a guess, but I'm thinking that next season we completely forget that we got used to bitching about Tim Beck calling three pass plays in a row.

On the other hand if Langsdorf calls three passes plays in a row and then doesn't have to punt, we'll just go with "Remember how Beck used to call three pass plays in a row and not get a first down?" and then laugh and laugh and remember why we've moved on.

On the other hand,  it could mean they're not nearly as worried about the run game. Terrell Newby, Imani Cross, Adam Taylor. Demornay Pierson-El.

Why would you ever call three passes in a row?

Ha, I said more on. Get it? Moron? (It's going to be a long time 'til fall.)

Huskers Hold On for 8-6 Win - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Lincoln – A 5-for-5 night from senior Austin Darby powered the No. 23 Nebraska baseball team (28-11, 5-4 Big Ten) to a 8-6 win over the Omaha Mavericks (16-17, 9-6 Summit) on Wednesday night at Hawks Field. With the victory, the Huskers took the two-game season series from the Mavs.

KELLY: Coach Riley needs to win games immediately to keep favor with Husker fans - Daily Nebraskan: Sports
Spring ball is over, and while it was a successful run by coach Mike Riley and his staff, it’s only the prologue to the novel he’ll be writing at Nebraska. As of right now, we’ve only been given the basics.

Huskers' Riley, Wisconsin's Chryst inherit high expectations
Wisconsin has played in three Big Ten championship games and two Rose Bowls the last four years, and Nebraska has won 70 percent of its games since 2008. Both have new coaches who've spent the spring getting to know their players and teaching them new ways of doing things. Unlike most first-year coaches who are tasked with rebuilding downtrodden programs, Paul Chryst and Mike Riley are expected to keep the wins coming at a high rate without missing a beat.

STOVER: Stay the entire game if purchasing Husker football tickets - Daily Nebraskan: Sports
This is not just a problem at Nebraska. It’s all over the country. Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Alabama’s retention for student attendance numbers have dropped as well. In 2013, Alabama went so far as to suspend 20 student organizations for not staying the entire game.

Monday Morning RPI Biz To Talk About " College Baseball Today

18- Iowa, 21-9 Winning two out of three on the road at Maryland and having an RPI of No. 18 should get these poor souls into the Top 25 of rankings/polls, right? Sure as shootin’, they are now No. 19 in the D1baseball rankings that Aaron and Kendall put out.

Friggin' Iowa.

NFL Draft: Um, Jameis Winston's Wonderlic score should shock nobody | FOX Sports

It's understandable why people underestimate Winston's intellect. He talks with a casual, country slang and has repeatedly made decisions -- finding himself in a sexual assault case, stealing from a grocery store, screaming an obscene and offensive joke in the FSU student union, on and on -- that would make you think he's an idiot. All of this leads to a 27 on the Wonderlic being a shock.

Texas-Texas A&M rivalry should resume, say both head coaches - Burnt Orange Nation
And none of that is really news, just an excuse for scorching hot takes.

Will the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies play football again? - Barking Carnival
Charlie wants to. Steve don't.

Lord Nelson, a Rutgers Horse, Dies -
Lord Nelson, the only horse to be penalized in a college football game, died.

Exclusive Q&A With The First Female Head Coach In The FBS - Underdog Dynasty
Arkansas State fans, please give a standing ovation to your new head coach: this woman gave up buying a boat to coach the Red Wolves for one day.