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Who's Stock Rose Or Dropped During Nebraska's Spring Game?

Fluctuations have happened after Saturday and 15 practices. We discuss who has gone up, down, and up & down.

David McGee

There's been a lot of bluster and talking about the Nebraska Cornhuskers Spring Practice period. Fifteen practices and some words about seemingly everyone gives you a lot to think about through the season.

However, there were some apparent things that came through while watching the Spring Game itself. Who's stock has rose since Mike Riley took over for Bo Pelini, and who's has dropped? Plus, who is holding steady through both coaching staffs?

Stock up: Zack Darlington

- ..looked less nervous and more composed than some of the other quarterbacks - Ranchbabe

- He looked really composed for a guy who runs the risk of dying on every play. AND HE DIDN’T DIE! - Pat Jansen

- .. for figuring out the offense first - Husker Mike

- He looked pretty good out there, the best of the first 4 that got reps. While Bush looked good as well, he had a couple errors that shows he is still pretty raw. If Zack can stay healthy, he's your #2 or even co-#1.

Stock up: Demornay Pierson-El

- I feel like I shouldn’t need to defend this statement. He’s the new player I’m jocking this season. - Cobcast Ryan

- Dude's been in the gym. - Ty Peteranetz

Stock down: Hopes for a 60% passer - I was hoping for a bit more progress on some of the mechanics, but I am probably expecting too much too fast - Ranchbabe

Stock up: Jariah Tolbert -  for showing us some nice hands and another weapon on offense. - Husker Mike

Stock up: This weekend's recruiting. how could the visitors not be impressed? - Joe Canale

Stock up: D.J. Foster -  for holding up pretty well against Vincent Valentine. - Husker Mike

Stock down: Bitching about Tim Beck calling three pass plays in a row - Jon J.

Stock up: Secondary - I knew it was a good group but there appears to be more depth there than I expected - Ranchbabe

Stock down: Johnny Stanton

- NOT ENOUGH STANTON. I stand firmly by my statements that this kid is the future. I understand that he hasn’t looked good yet. EXCEPT THAT HE DID LOOK GOOD, HIS RECEIVERS WERE JUST IN THE WRONG PLACE. If all the WR’s would have been 5 yards further down field then Stanton would have touchdowns all day long. I’m telling you, this kid will prove me right and everyone else wrong. STANTON! STANTON! STANTON! - Cobcast Ryan

- Stanton by far. The kid didn't even get in the game till the 4th Quarter. And folks who have appeared at practice have basically given us the intuition that, even though he's worked extra and just as hard, he's not getting it. I can't see him sticking around Nebraska as a Quarterback. He was offered by a couple schools at Linebacker, so if he sticks he could help there. But as a QB? Fare thee well, horse head guy.

Stock Down: Riley's offense - for wearing out Sam Foltz's leg in the first half. - Husker Mike

Stock down: Big Ten Network -  Loved the Go Pro shot on the punt return, but everything else looked like a 14-year-old’s excessively artistic vision for his first film. Lay off the excessive close-ups and focus on not getting fooled by play-action fakes. You won’t crush your creative sensibilities, kid. - Pat Janssen

Stock down: New coaching regime - The most lackluster spring game since 1996...especially when Team Red was essentially stocked with the first team. - Husker Mike

Stock up:  the new regime. I have yet to hear from anyone but Mike that anything was bad today. - Ty P.

Stock up:  The new coaching regime. almost 80,000 people at a scrimmage. - Joe Canale

HOLD STEADY: Evaluations on everybody and everything. People are ready to claim this regime either a complete failure or the next dynasty. It was good to have football again, but it was just a practice. And not only just a practice, but a practice that is still very early in the process. We don’t know crap about what’s going to happen, pro or con. - Pat Janssen