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Big Red Cobcast: The Spring Game Review

Let's face it there's not a lot to talk about in April but at least our spring game review will be funny.

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Saturday Morning, April 11th, 2015

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Mission: Find a bar that will play the Husker spring game.

The 1st bar that Pat and I chose was Happy Endings in Hollywood. This is the bar that I watch all Husker games in. There is usually 50 to 100 Husker fans there and we get the whole up stairs. They open early for 9 am games and also have Husker specials. And sometimes Adam Devine shows up to watch games with us.

I pull up at 11 a.m., The door's  locked. There's no one there. I start crying for several minutes as twitter begins exploding. I've officially missed Riley's first tunnel walk. The shame begins to set in. Am I really a Husker fan? Can I say that anymore? Do I have to turn my Ameer Abdullah alt jersey in and say "sorry guys, I let you down. I missed the first 5 of the spring game."

Then I thought, "What would Dr. Tom do?"

He'd dig deep down into his soul. He'd find a way and he'd win the mission. He'd watch that daggum spring game if it was the last thing he mustered the energy to do. So I did what any TRUE husker fan would and I opened the Yelp app on my iPhone and I yelped "Sports bar near Sunset and Highland". Boom. Big Wangs. on Selma and Cahuenga. That's why you don't give up. Because there is always a Big Wangs somewhere.

Triumphantly, I pulled up to my destination and I did what every TRUE Husker fan does. I valeted my car because I didn't want to miss another second of the game.

Twitter blows up again. DPE just ran a swing route and it was awesome.

Tears again. So many tears fall from my face as I stumble to the door of Big Wangs. I could barely read the sign on the door though my hazy eyes. I wipe the water out of my pupils and I read the giant white print. HOURS: 11:30 TO 2. This is the moment that separates men from boys. How does one handle himself in the face of adversity. I screamed. Like a man. "BIG WANGS DOESN'T OPEN FOR 20 MORE MINUTES!?! ARE YOU SHITTING ME RIGHT NOW!?!"

I tried the door anyways. It opened. Even though it said it wasn't supposed to. It was a miracle. A Cornhusker miracle. It was like Dr. Tom himself was watching over me. I felt a warmth swell up my spine as I looked down at the pavement. I expected to see two sets of footprints because I knew he was with me at that moment. But, There was only one set of foot prints in that parking lot that morning because Dr. Tom carried me to the spring game. When I needed him most, like always, he was there. Dr. Tom is always there.

As for the spring game? Meh. It needed more Stanton. And apparently I could have just watched it at Joe's place for free.

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