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Team Red vs. Team White Rosters Announced for 2015 Nebraska Spring Football Game

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska has released the roster splits for the 2015 Nebraska Spring Game, to be held on Saturday at 1 pm in Memorial Stadium.

Team Red will be led by quarterbacks Tommy Armstrong, Jr, Zach Darlington and Johnny Stanton. The I-backs will be Adam Taylor, walk-on Graham Nabity and Terrell Newby.  Receivers will be De'Mornay Pierson-El and Jordan Westerkamp.

They'll be facing the Team White defense which will feature a secondary of Josh Kalu, Chris Jones, LeRoy Alexander and Kieron Williams. Up front, you'll see Freedom Akinmoladium and Joe Keels at defensive end, Kevin Maurice and Kevin Williams at defensive tackle, and Dedrick Young and Luke Gifford at linebacker.

Team White will be led by quarterbacks A.J. Bush, Ryker Fyfe and Tyson Broekemeier. Imani Cross and Mikale Wilbon will be the white team I-backs, with a receiver corp of Lane Hovey, Sam Burtch, Taariq Allen and Kevin Gladney.

The Team Red defense will led by defensive tackles Maliek Collins and Vincent Valentine along side defense ends Greg McMullen and Jack Gangwish. Linebackers Michael Rose-Ivey, Josh Banderas and Marcus Newby will operate in front of a secondary of Boaz Joseph, Jonathan Rose, Nate Gerry, Daniel Davie and Byerson Cockrell.

Based on past history, one would suspect that Team Red would be a seven to ten point favorite, as it appears that most of your expected starters are on Team Red.  (Make your own odds at your own convenience.)

Complete rosters can be found on the web site.