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Harvey Perlman Announces Retirement; Jim Tressel Named Successor

Yes, we're doing yet another April 1st story.
Yes, we're doing yet another April 1st story.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In the middle of a wave of April Fools' day announcements, Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor Harvey Perlman announced his retirement from the school, effective June 30, 2016.

Perlman, who has been chancellor since 2001, has been known for his heavy involvement in football during a time when Nebraska fired three coaches. He's presided over the BCS as it evolved into the College Football Playoff. Experience with football is key for UNL's next chancellor, which makes Jim Tressel the obvious candidate to succeed Perlman.

Tressel is currently the president of Youngstown State University, where he previously spent 15 years as head football coach. From 2001 through 2010, Tressel was head coach at Ohio State, winning or sharing the conference title seven out of ten years.  Tressel's teams played three times for the BCS National Championship, winning one after the 2002 football season. After leaving Ohio State following the "Tattoo-gate" scandal, Tressel spent two years as an administrator at the University of Akron before returning to Youngstown.

Reports last fall already linked Tressel to Nebraska, though at the time, the assumption was that Tressel was being considered as the next football coach. Once Mike Riley was named the Nebraska football coach, the subterfuge diverted the attention of all away from Tressel in the behind-the-scenes search for Nebraska's next chancellor.

Tressel declined comment about his upcoming move from Youngstown to Lincoln, according to Youngstown State spokesperson Lirpa Loof.