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BREAKING: Terran Petteway To Transfer...From Pinnacle To Memorial Stadium

From the firing of Bo to the hiring of Mike to locking players out of locker rooms to Pitch retiring to Tarin transferring, it's been a wild few months of Husker news to say the least. But Terran Petteway's latest decision has topped them all. And if NFL scouts are to be believed, then Mike Riley and Danny Langsdorf may have the prototype receiver they crave.

Could this be a future invitation to Revis Island?
Could this be a future invitation to Revis Island?
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Tim Miles planned to press Terran Petteway for a decision after the Final Four, an experiment that was kept heavily under wraps for the past two weeks has proven so successful that an announcement will come much sooner than that.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Petteway will strap on the pads for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team for the the 2015 season. For the last two weeks, he has been working out in secret with Taylor Martinez throwing passes and Nate Swift coaching him on the finer points of receiving techniques and route running. Danny Langsdorf has been dropping in when available to observe & assist.

Reportedly, the progress has been so amazing that Nebraska Head Football Coach Mike Riley has already offered him a spot on the roster and, after stopping by to observe only a few of the workouts, wants him available for the last two practices, so that he can be tested in Saturday's Spring Game. In addition, Langsdorf used his NFL connections to invite scouts from what is reported to be between 8 and 14 teams. None would go on record, but off the record, two of them stated that they couldn't believe that he was performing like that after less than two weeks and that if he showed a fraction in games of what he was showing in workouts, he is a lock to be drafted in the 1st three rounds.

Based on this feedback, it is also being reported that Petteway has played his last basketball game as a Husker as he will begin training for the NFL Draft immediately at the conclusion of the football season.

Following the loss of Washington transfer Damore'ea Stringfellow to wads of SEC cash a late recruiting push from Ole Miss and Monte Harrison to professional baseball, Petteway will provide the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team with a weapon on which they'd given up.

Sources said that it was talks with former Galveston, TX, Ball HS teammate Mike Evans that caused Petteway to approach Riley about the possibility of giving football a shot. Citing the sensitivity of having a player leave one Nebraska sports program for another, especially a player of Petteway's caliber, Riley declined to comment.

Petteway also declined to comment. A spokesman from Tim Miles' office did likewise amid the sounds of incessant cursing in the background.