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Eight Nebraska Baseball/Softball Games to be Televised on BTN

The Huskers have four baseball and four softball games televised this year on BTN, with options for more games being added at a later date.

The BIG tournament in Minneapolis will be covered by BTN.
The BIG tournament in Minneapolis will be covered by BTN.

Nebraska will be feature prominently in the beginning of both the baseball and softball season on BTN. The Husker have four baseball, and four softball games currently scheduled for television, with BTN having the option for flexible scheduling at the end of the season.

The Nebraska Softball team has a road doubleheader televised against Iowa on March 24th, followed by a home contest against the Northwestern Wildcats on April 19th. The softball team finishes their televised schedule on April 26th with a road contest against the Wisconsin Badgers.

The Nebraska Baseball team also has four televised games beginning with a Saturday afternoon contest against the Texas Longhorns on March 28th. The Huskers then travel to Maryland, where both the Friday opener, and the Sunday finale will be televised. Nebraska's last currently scheduled game to be on television is on April 10th when they take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Local affiliate NET has picked up four Nebraska baseball games including one of the games against Texas. A full list of television viewing options can be found below for the Nebraska Baseball team.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">#Huskers</a> baseball will have three games televised live on BTN this year (one tape delay). Four other games on NET <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Jon Nyatawa (@JonNyatawa) <a href="">March 9, 2015</a></blockquote>

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While BTN is admirably increasing their coverage, the relative lack of conference games on television is a disappointment. The SEC, without a doubt the best college conference in baseball has over 200 games televised. Would fans really rather watch the 2012 BIG title game on loop or would they want to watch live baseball and softball coverage?

The BIG baseball tournament once again misses the point, as some of the first round games will not be aired on television. Show the entire tournament, these are teams playing for a birth in the NCAA tournament. If the BTN wants to do it for basketball, do it for baseball as well.

BTN is arguably trying to be fair by putting teams on evenly. Nebraska is tied for the most appearances in baseball with Maryland and Illinois. Nebraska earns one of the non conference games against Texas be televised, but the question is why not all three. If the weather is nice, Hawks field could be setting attendance records, but BTN only wants to show one game.

BTN should be rewarding teams who play well, and attract more fans with more games. Nebraska ranked 15th nationally for attendance last season, while Indiana ranked 25th. No other team ranked in the top 50. No other team averaged more than 1200 fans per game. This year Indiana only gets two games televised.  If the BTN is committed to baseball show teams that deserve to be televised.