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Where Should Former Husker Great Ndamukong Suh Play Next In The NFL?

The crack CN staff give a #hot #take on where #93 should sign next.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, our fabled #93 from Lincoln, Nebraska, Ndamukong Suh, is a Free Agent. The Detroit Lions didn’t sign him, so he’s free to go where ever he wishes.

What is the one team that, in your heart & mind, should sign the former Nebraska Cornhuskers Defensive Tackle… and why?

Salt Creek and Stadium: Nebraska. I really think we could use a DT of that caliber. I’m sure, with a little training, he could break the two-deep.


David: In an attempt to even further his international brand, Suh will sign a record breaking deal with the Toronto Argonauts. The bigger field should give him more room to operate and further utilize his superior strength and athleticism. It might also be his best opportunity to win a championship since the 2009 Big XII title game.

Ty: As his motivations were never questioned here in the Good Life, Suh will sign a record free-agent contract with the Omaha Beef, requiring that their games be moved permanently to the CenturyLink Center.  The Clink will set records for attendance for Arena Football games of any level, and the Beef will be promoted mid-season from the CIF to the AFL after the defense holds opponents to a league-record 24 points/game.  They will continue to dominate on the way to Nebraska’s first ever professional football title with Suh claiming league MVP honors and partial league ownership.

Salt Creek: The Cubs! WORLD SERIES, LEGGO.

Brian: With the way that the Major League Soccer season is heading and the fact that Steven Gerrard automatically gets put on a NY/LA team because popularity, Suh has decided to come back to his roots and sign with the Portland Timbers.

The automatic rivalry with the Seattle Sounders picks up when Clint Dempsey, who plays forward, gets spear tackled by Suh during a corner kick in the 85th minute of their first match. The official, who goes to grab a red card but afraid of his life when he sees Suh snarl and start heading back towards the opposite side of the field, says play on.

Suh then 5 minutes later scores the game winning goal and then helps with one of the greatest celebrations in all of sports.

Ranchbabe: Well... my Broncos know that Peyton Manning ain’t getting any younger. I suspect anyone that has studied QBs as much as Suh would have no problem stepping in and filling those shoes nicely. The salary is about the same, and Suh is even more mobile than Manning. Hell, I smell an MVP award already in the hopper.

Keith: Detroit Lions. While Suh may have not signed yet, I believe he takes a look at a couple of teams in free agency, then signs back with Detroit. Suh is involved in the community, and likes the surrounding area. While somewhere like Oakland, or Jacksonville could take a run at Suh, Suh also likes to win, a situation that Detroit is set up for.

Ranchbabe’s serious answer: I like Keith’s choices but I give a leg up to Jacksonville. Both Oakland and the Jaguars have oodles of money to throw at Big Suh, but Oakland (and their new head coach, Jack DelRio) are also looking closely at another free-agent DT, Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton. Pot Roast is a free agent after a couple of successful years in Denver (where he played under DC Jack DelRio). Prior to his stint in Denver, Knighton was drafted by Jacksonville (and then-head-coach Jack DelRio). Knighton will come much cheaper than Suh, allowing the Raiders to overpay some injury-prone, but speedy, skill player or defensive back that will be on the field for approximately 5% of the snaps next season. Suh’s going to Jacksonville to enjoy the Florida climate. Book it.

Ty: I really don’t know.  I have a hard time seeing him leave Detroit, but if he does, I’d have to think he’d want to go somewhere he is set up to win a title during his next contract.  That is a short list AND it’s a list that doesn’t have a lot of need for his particular set of skills.  Skills that make him a nightmare for…   Wait.

I think he stays put.  However, if Pot Roast DOES leave the Broncos, I’d love to live in the world where he can sign there, but salary caps and whatnot….

Back to Motown for Suh.

Joe Canale: New York Giants?  Please?  Pretty Please?  then Randy Gregory slips to them in the Draft?  pretty pretty please?  Don’t let them both end up in Jacksonville please.

David: My answer was serious.

Salt Creek: His penchant for destroying things makes him perfect to be the AD at Nebraska. He is the last cog in the machine to destroy Nebraska football.

Jon J: After hearing that he posed for a photo with Jim Harbaugh, a guy that Nebraska has to compete against for recruits, maybe he can go play in the fucking street. I’m just kidding, no seriously, Suh, you bastard, don’t pose with photos with the enemy.

I don’t care where he goes or what he does, as long as he doesn’t beat up Aaron Rodgers any more.