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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Spring Football 'Bout Ready To Go

This is one friggin' ugly suitcoat.
This is one friggin' ugly suitcoat.
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

With the loss to Illinois last night, Husker basketball dropped to 5-12 in the conference, 13-16 overall, and only ahead of Penn State and Rutgers in the conference standings. We are one game behind Northwestern for crying out loud.

The women's team is seventh, sitting at 10-8 in conference, but 20-9 overall.

Bottom line - it's been a pretty disappointing year for Nebraska basketball.

This morning, I'll be at the dentist for three days in a row. I am having a real fun week, which is why the Flakes have been pretty sporadic.

Now, here's a bunch of random stuff.

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