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Mike Riley Pre-Spring Practice News Conference Recap (March 4, 2015)

Mike Riley loves him some Pierson-El. Don't we all?
Mike Riley loves him some Pierson-El. Don't we all?
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Riley held his first football news conference prior to the start of spring practice, and talked about the process for this spring.  Most notably...splitting the team up into two different groups for practice so that the coaches can work with smaller groups.

Tom Osborne used to run two sets of stations in his practices, splitting the coaching staff up.  The idea between "Team Red" and "Team White" is to practice at different times so that the entire coaching staff sees each practice...which is kind of important since the players and coaches are all new to each other.

Assuming, of course, that running two separate sets of practices doesn't violate any NCAA rules on the amount of practice time players are in.

Moving to specific players, it looks like Adam Taylor is ready to return. He looked pretty good last spring, for what it's worth.

Riley is also like every other Husker fan...we just can't stop talking about De'Mornay Pierson-El and his potential.

Turning to quarterback, Tommy Armstrong will start the spring on "Team Red". Riley talked about how he is going to transition to having a mobile quarterback.

Defensively, Nebraska will look to the interior of the defensive line to generate pressure. Not a bad idea when you have guys like Maliek Collins and Vincent Valentine returning.

A few players spoke as well:

I think we all have mixed thoughts on that.

While we all know what happens when Pelini's defense didn't work (/wisconsinScoresAgain), we also knew how well it worked when it did. With Mark Banker, we might not have the high potential, but that might be a good tradeoff if we avoid the hemorrhaging that finally doomed the Pelini era.

Spring practice starts Saturday. Time for hope to spring eternal.