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Big Red Cobcast: All Time Husker Offense

In this week's episode, the cobcast geniuses pick the best Husker Offense of All Time. So that argument is now solved.

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Here at the Big Red Cobcast, we think of ourselves as misunderstood, too hilarious for our own good, geniuses. And I don't mean your run of the mill, super scholarly, Harvard degree toting, meta-physicist genius, I mean, down to earth, pissing in the backyard while listening to Eminem to loud, drunk off of PBR geniuses. You know, the awesome kind of genius. The kind of genius that will hold his girlfriend's hair back while she's puking but also take a picture and post it on Facebook kind of genius. The kind of genius that went to Wayne State College because SCC wasn't far enough away from parents house in Lincoln, kind of genius.

So this week we thought we would share our genius with you by each of us picking the All-Time Greatest Husker Offense as we see it and then having you guys, our adoring fans, vote on which of us you think is the most genius.

Spoiler Alert: It's me Ryan. I'm the winner.

So, I'm going to put our individual lists here, if you want our justifications (that's where the real genius comes in) you have to listen to the podcast. Then afterward there will be a poll and you can vote for your winner. Now here's the deal though, the winner gets nothing but both losers get severely, painfully punished on air. So make sure to listen for that.

Joe Canale Ryan Tweedy Pat Janssen
QB1 Tommie Frazier QB1 Tommie Frazier QB1 Tommie Frazier
QB2 Turner Gill QB2 Brook Berringer QB2 Turner Gill
IB Mike Rozier IB Lawrence Phillips IB Ahman Green
IB Lawrence Phillips IB Ameer Abdullah IB Jeff Kinney
FB Tom Rathman FB Cory Schlesinger FB Cory Schlesinger
WR Irving Fryar WR Johnny Rodgers WR Matt Davison
WR Jordan Westerkamp WR Jordan Westerkamp WR Nate Swift
TE Johnny Mitchell TE Matt Herian TE Johnny Mitchell
T Alex Lewis T Chris Dishman T Bob Brown
T Bob Brown T Eric Anderson T Bob Lingenfelter
G Willi Shields G Aaron Taylor G Will Shields
G Dean Steinkuhler G Steve Ott G Dean Steinkuhler
C Dave Rimington C Aaron Graham C Dave Rimington
KR Johnny Rodgers KR Johnny Rodgers KR Johnny Rodgers
KR De'Mornay Pierson-El KR De'Mornay Pierson-El KR Joe Walker
K Alex Henery K Alex Henery K Kris Brown

Next week we interview Kent Pavelka! It's a really great interview with one of the most iconic Husker figures! Then in 2 weeks we will announce the results and also pick the defense! So come back every Tuesday... OR ELSE!

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