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Volleyball: Three Huskers Leaving the Program

Kira Larson, Maddie Haggerty, and Alexa Ethridge were given their release from the Husker Volleyball program.

David McGee

The Nebraska Volleyball program announced today that Kira Larson, Alexa Ethridge, and Maddie Haggerty had all be granted release to sign with other schools.

Ethridge has played a fairly large role as a DS/Serving Specialist in place of the middle blockers when they come back row. She is in the same class as Justine Wong-Orantes, and Wong-Orantes doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, so it would appear that Ethridge will seek a school where she can be the libero.

Larson and Maddie Haggerty aren’t a surprise because the Huskers were already pretty deep at middle (Hall, Meghan Haggerty, Keil, not to mention that’s Ostrander’s home position) and with the signing of Holman, it means the competition would be deep at the spot. Haggerty redshirted in 2014, but Larson played in a few matches, notching thirteen kills, an ace, a dig, and ten blocks.