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Big Red Cobcast: To the Max!

The Cobcast children interview Dave "Husker" Max of

This isn't something you see every day.  Bipartisanship. Team Work. Two people doing the same thing together when you would think that they wouldn't.

Well let me say this about Jon Johnston (Corn Nation) and Dave Max (Husker Max), they are friends, not only with me but with each other. Dave actually introduced me to Jon. These two fellas have so much in common! Both have watched me drink too much and embarrass myself and they have both spent evenings talking with me about whatever dumb shit I think about asking them. Sometimes I feel sorry for their wives because my mouth never, ever stops going.

I thought it would be fun to reminisce with Dave about the good ol' days of Through These Gates (Dave toured his book with my movie for four months) and share some stories from the tour. One story involves me flashing Charlie McBride my man boobies. That alone is worth the listen! We talk about our encounters with Johnny Rodgers, Larry the Cable Guy and many others.

Dave was also cool enough to share some of his old man stories with us. Many don't know this but he worked with both Lee Corso and Bobby Knight. He's been around for many, many, many, many, many years and has some doozies. Plus, he just got to spend some time with Coach Riley and he talks about that with us as well.

So check it out, and remember, that in a world of the internets, we can all still be friends.

PLUS you can buy Dave's wine here!

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