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General K: Status Of Glorious Leader Comrade Riley

Attention! Attention!

Dear Comrades,

Much time has passed since I last spoke.

As we all know, Comrade Pelin and his gang of terrorists were exiled to Siberia American (today known as Youngstown). Let's not talk about it further, so that we do not face the same punishment.

Comrade Riley took over the post of companion Pelini, and brought with him his own gang of counterrevolutionaries. From this moment Comrade Riley will be called "Glorious leader Comrade Riley." Naturally, we hope that Comrade Riley and his gang, with all their experience, will be more successful than the other gang of terrorists whose names we can not mention.

Comrade Riley did an excellent job taking control of the media, as ordered. Upon arrival friend Riley began the conquest of journalists and media people with the "nice guy" approach. An article in the local newspaper to do a particularly good job to convince the (local workers, comrades) that Riley to leave the beautiful Oregon for a simple, Nebraska corn filled because of new opportunities where it will, of course, have greater access to weapons and supplies that he must fight.

Everyone, as they say in America, bought the story.

Comrade Riley did a good job in scouting all over the US for new recruits. His several incursions into enemy territory, during his first campaign bore fruit. We all know that his future campaigns, with more and more new recruits will be more and more successful. And we also know that it is not just enough to get good recruits - we also have to win the hearts and minds of their families in order to enable more spies in our nationwide network.

Now is the time to rally around our most glorious leader Comrade Riley! If you happen to face some people who have not "bought" this story, please report them immediately to special forces commander - Kobbi- friend so that he can take special measures to remedy the situation.

Comrades, do not worry that you betrayed your colleagues who doubt Glorious leader Comrade Riley. They will not be immediately executed. Remember, the first year of the five-year plan calls for a "nice guy" approach as the KGB. There will be plenty of time later for shooting.

I hope to see you very soon! (not shot, of course!)!

General K