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Vine St. Hooligans Podcast: OWH's Jon Nyatawa Brings The Goods

The Omaha World-Herald's Jon Nyatawa drops by to discuss his observations from spring football practice, what it's like to deal with Bo Pelini as a media member, the state of Tim Miles' program, Nebraska baseball, and more!


In this episode of the VSH podcast, the Omaha World-Herald staff writer joins us to drop some knowledge about a variety of topics including:

  • Whether or not Darin Erstad's baseball team is a legit threat to win the conference crown and contend for a spot in the CWS
  • The reasons for Nebrasketball's struggles this past season
  • What has or hasn't impressed him during Mike Riley's first spring practice sessions
  • His fun "beef" with The Bottom Line's Mike'l Severe
  • The struggles of being an Everton fan

As expected, Nyatawa provided great insight based on his day-to-day experiences covering the team. This is definitely an interview you don't want to miss.

During the remainder of the show we ponder how many games it would take for us to get one base hit off an MLB pitcher, discuss our ideas for fun spring game activities, briefly touch on the Nebraska baseball team's massive winning streak, and more.

Chris Hatch (@burnpoetry), a talented cat whose work has been featured on 93.7 The Ticket and The Bottom Line, also makes his VSH debut with a rap showing just how excited he is for the upcoming spring game.

Given all this, you have no choice but to give us a listen!

Show Notes
0:00:24 Intro
0:02:19 Poll Question
0:04:12 Spring Game Format
0:09:37 Hatch Segment
0:13:28 Nebraseball 11-Game Win Streak
0:15:29 Interview with Jon Nyatawa
0:40:17 Random Topic of the Week: Professional Sports Hypotheticals
0:53:57 Closing Thoughts
0:58:01 Verlaney's Vuck-Ups
0:59:57 Extended interview with Jon Nyatawa (unedited)

0:00:15 Breaking Benjamin - Follow (Radio Edit)
0:08:45 Cascada - Everytime We Touch
0:15:21 Young Gunz - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
0:57:36 Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo

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