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Corn Flakes: Mike Riley, Tom Osborne and Internet Porn

Where's the one of him kissing a baby?
Where's the one of him kissing a baby?
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Omaha World Herald ran an article last week with this headline:

Mike Riley gets advice from Tom Osborne: Run the ball

You don't even have to read the article to get the gist of the article. Mike Riley meets with Tom Osborne, and talks about the Blackshirt tradition, recruiting, and offensive philosophy, which, of course is


just simple as that.

Tom Osborne says Run The Ball.

It's the same as internet porn to a Nebraska fan, except that everyone would publicly admit to devouring it.

We don't know if Mike Riley is going to be a good coach at Nebraska. We don't know if he'll be any more successful than Bo Pelini.

We're heading into spring ball. This is the time of the year that the Nebraska media does a damned good job of selling the program. Everyone starts drinking the kool-aid, everything is perfect and we're going to win a national title next season.

Riley is making every right move so far. This might be the gooiest, most sugar-filled offseason to date. We'll be prone to overdose, given that we're already addicted.

What we should realize is that this guy is a better politician than any of the Husker coaches before him, and that includes Osborne. Riley has gone from "Who's this guy?" to the most likable figure in Nebraska within a very short time.

It's okay to ask the question - "Are they saying this because it's true, or are they saying it because they know it's what we want to hear?".

It's okay to remain skeptical.

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We'd like to pretend this wouldn't be Nebraska fans would this have happened to one of our players, but it's always easy to define evil as being somewhere else, isn't it?