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Big Red Cobcast: Eric Lueshen Opens Up

Ryan and Pat from the Big Red Cobcast talk to Eric Lueshen about playing for the coach between Solich and Pelini, what a day in the life of a kicker is like and what it was like to be an openly gay Husker. This is definitely one of our best interviews to date, so don't miss it.

I'm going to try and keep my hilarious jokes to a minimum this week because I kind of just want to get you listening to the interview as quickly as possible, and I know my normal blitzkrieg of belly busters usually causes everyone to re-read my articles because they just can't get enough of how funny it is when I spell Bo's name pee-lini or say it's more like Coach Cava-"hell yeah". (You're welcome for that last one, it's a freebie)

I think this interview was a special one. I'm not trying to celebrate too early like this guy, but I think this episode will make people think, which isn't something that I usually get to be a part of. It was nice to talk to Eric. He really puts it all out there about a topic that doesn't come up in sports too often.

What was it like to be openly gay, pre-Michael Sam, in a football locker room?

Here's what I like about it. It's a perspective that I don't know about. It's also a perspective that I can never experience. The only way that I can gain access to these ideas and views is to ask questions and listen. It's not every day that people share their stories with you and this story is very unique and at the same time not as unique as you or I might believe.

If I'm being honest - which I think is the point of this interview - then I'm going to admit that I know some people are going to be turned off by this topic. This is what I ask: the more you want to avoid listening, the more I urge you to listen. What is Husker Nation but a bunch of different perspectives about the same thing? And, Eric shared his perspective in such a positive and insightful way that you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not hear what being a Husker means to him.

Here's the link to the article that we reference in the podcast.

Another thing that I want to say is that Eric is so much more than "the gay kicker". This dude is wicked smart. He's like Harvey Perlman smart or Dr. Tom smart. Actually, it won't be long before he's Dr. Lueshen because he's getting his PhD. That's pretty impressive. Almost as impressive as my B.S. in Theatre Performance from Wayne State College. #HumbleBrag.

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