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Practice Report: Huskers Get Out In The Warm Sun For Workout #6 On Monday

Mike Riley's gang was greeted by warm sunshine to start the week before Spring Break.

David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers were greeted with ideal conditions for their 6th Spring Practice under new Head Coach Mike Riley on Monday Afternoon. It truly was a day the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce would hand pick to show the city off.

The practice was closed to the media, and new Defensive Coordinator Mark Banker was the lone member of the Coaching staff to come out and talk to the hordes at the end of the workout.

Banker also mentioned that installation of his system and such was near to being complete. That would be a big deal before the team broke for the week-long shutdown of school.

"We have pretty much finished up our base package, as far as what we are going to put in except for a couple things down in the red zone, just because we have not been there," Banker stated. "On Friday, Saturday we started a little nickel, but it was really just replacing a defensive back for an outside linebacker and start evolving from that standpoint."

Banker was also asked about the role of newcomers on the Defensive side of the ball.

As you remember, Akinmoladun was originally a Tight End recruit, but it sounds like the hands are an issue, so he's been moved to a thinner spot across as Defensive End.

Also, a big time possible Freshman OL starter next season took in practice.

The Huskers return to the practice field on Wednesday.