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Join the Whoop For Chaos Bracket Challenge

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Nebrasketball didn't make postseason play. This isn't anything out of the normal considering the past decade, but just because our team isn't playing in the tourney doesn't mean we're going to ignore it.

We're going to have fun!
We're going to have a contest!
We're going to cheer for complete chaos, hoping to see favorites have their dreams crushed while fans are shown weeping in the stands!
Did I mention we're going to have fun?

We're going to give away prizes!

The person with the highest score and the person with the lowest score will both receive a DVD of the fantastic Husker movie Through These Gates!

So, head over to our bracket partner site, Realtime Brackets, and sign up in the Corn Nation group. We'll be doing a traditional bracket contest, so get your picks in ahead of time as we won't allow changes to be made as the tourney goes on.